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The Main Avenue Local Concept Development (LCD) Study is an effort to improve how this important corridor serves local and regional communities' transportation needs.


  In the process of designing a better Main Avenue we will consider travel safety, traffic flow, a vibrant economy, improving access to transit, walkability and the overall vitality of the Main Avenue corridor between between Monroe Street and Gregory Avenue. Local participation is critical for the study's success.

Please refer to the different sections of this website to learn of the various ways to get involved and make your voice heard.

About the Project


The Main Avenue Local Concept Development Study is the first phase of the Local Capital Project Delivery Process for federal funded transportation improvement projects.
During this phase, the study will focus on alternatives for implementing recommended improvements identified in previous studies and planning activities to improve functioning of the corridor including travel safety, traffic flow, support for economic development, transit access, walkability and other priorities. The LCD Study phase includes data collection, coordination with local municipal and county officials, community stakeholders, and Federal and State permitting agencies; public outreach; the development of a reasonable number of sensible and practical conceptual alternatives; and the recommendation of a Preliminary Preferred Alternative. This project has been a coordinated effort between NJTPA and the project sponsors - Passaic County and the City of Passaic, with the participation of NJDOT.
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What you can do


For those who want to get involved with the Main Avenue Local Concept Development Study.

Get involved!

Your ideas and feedback are vital for the success of this project and to ensure that it reflects the community of Passaic.  


If you want to participate, stay up to date, and provide input on the project, we encourage you to:

  1. Attend the public meetings

  2. Download the public documents

  3. Share your thoughts on Main Ave

  4. Contact Us

  5. Sign up to our mailing list

Additionally, always feel free to send us an email at

Know the Team


Meet the companies and organizations involved

with the project.

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City of Passaic
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Sam Schwartz
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Passaic County


Here, please find some responses to frequently asked questions regarding the process and the project.

What is a Local Concept Development (LCD) Study?


The LCD Study is the first phase of the Local Capital Project Delivery Process for federal funded transportation improvement projects.  During this phase, a Purpose and Need Statement will be developed focusing on the need to address structural and operational deficiencies of the Main Avenue corridor. The LCD Study phase also includes data collection, coordination with local municipal and county officials, community stakeholders, and Federal and State permitting agencies; public outreach; the development of a reasonable number of sensible and practical conceptual alternatives; and the recommendation of a Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA).

Why is an LCD Study necessary?

The study is necessary to identify ways to improve the street to better meet the needs of residents, business and visitors and bring the street into compliance with modern engineering and design standards. 

How is this study funded?

This study is funded with federal funds made available through a program of the NJTPA called the Local Capital Project Delivery (LCPD) program.  The NJTPA is the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the 13-county North Jersey region, composed of local elected officials and state agency officials. It plans the use of nearly $1 billion federal transportation funding for the region each year.  The LCPD program helps county and local governments explore and address priority needs, such as improving the Main Avenue Corridor.  Findings from the study can become the basis for future construction projects funded through the NJTPA or other sources.

What is the schedule for the Main Avenue Local Concept Development Study phase?

LCD Project Delivery Schedule (Major Milestones):
Project Purpose & Need Statement.......................................................................... Spring 2020
Development of Conceptual Alternatives................................................................ Fall - Winter 2020
Recommend a Preliminary Preferred Alternative..................................................... Spring 2021
Submit Draft Concept Development Report............................................................ Summer 2021
Complete Local Concept Development Phase........................................................ Summer 2021

How will the project benefit pedestrians and bicyclists? 

As part of the Study, the project team is asking for input from the local officials and community stakeholders to understand what pedestrian and bicycle mobility and access is needed.  As part of the LCD Study phase, when developing the project Purpose and Need for improvements, all modes of transportation are taken into consideration regarding the corridor, including: pedestrians, cyclists, transit, and vehicular uses.

Have the project's improvements been decided?

No. The reason for this Study is to identify what are the current transportation issues and needs regarding the Main Avenue corridor between Gregory and Monroe streets, and to develop the Purpose and Need for corridor improvements. The project is currently in the Local Concept Development (LCD) phase to identify the needs, develop conceptual alternatives, and recommend a Preliminary Preferred Alternative (PPA) for bridge improvements. A Resolution of Support from the local officials is required. The Project Team will also coordinate with regulatory agencies before advancing the project to design and construction. The County of Passaic and cooperating agencies will continue to seek community input on the design and proposed transportation improvements during the LCD phase and future phases of the project.

How can I get involved?

Please refer to the "What you can do" section

Why attend the public meetings?

We are glad you asked! Please be sure to stay updated by visiting our upcoming events page. Here, you can find information regarding upcoming meetings, hearings, and demonstration projects. If you can’t attend in person, be sure to check our downloads section afterterwards to view materials, minutes, and photos that will be posted following each meeting and event. 


What if I have other questions or concerns about the project?

Passaic County and the cooperating agencies of NJTPA and NJDOT, encourages community members to voice their concerns and contribute suggestions to the Project Team. To provide input, check the "What you can do" section.​​

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